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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Shades of Things To Come

HUGE shouts to Tophat Tizer.

Kicked it down with Ders and Alfa to this private view last night. The standard of work there was unreal. Rabodiga's stuff smashed it, as did Tiz the Wiz's badboy sketches, including a dope personal touch of listing the albums he listened to while doing them. You know those handstyles were fresh!

Best exhibiton i've been to in a long time. I cannot recommend this enough. I think it's open to the public from thursday to sunday so make the most of your weekend and go take a look. For a nifty £50, bag yourself a limited Tizer print too.

My photo's don't do justice to any of the work, they're just up here to make you want to go and actually peep the paintings in the flesh.

Go show some love!

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