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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

For The Haters

R.Type Flows..........

Lexi Rose

In The Park


More people should write on their hands. When their faces are rubbish and their conversation boring, at least there's something to look at.........

Thumbs Up!

Truly Urban Born Suburban

Who said graffiti's not meant to be fun?!


This was from a trip to Gangsterbury last year with Sellito Shorts to support Pendulum.
T'was a pretty dope night, nice to be back in Canters living the dream. With no where to stay and no way home at 3am we knew we had to befriend some locals. With the Italian Stallion playing wingman, we moved in on some MDMA'd nutcases who sorted us out.
I'd forgotten what it was like to be a student.
Thank god i never have to go back.......

Kings of London

Prophets From Bethlehem

I was answering a question for an interview last night and talking to people about the different writers to have influenced London. Found this in my old pics while having breakfast. Infamous writer, historical plot and the beautiful Trellic Towers!
All hail king Elk.

Monday, 30 March 2009

New Recruit

This is my boy Alfa.

He's the newest recruit to the RT squad and what a welcome member..... This is a detail from a collabo wall with Vibes. Alfa's one of the most grounded, down to earth and humble artists i've met in London. The LDN scene tends to attract a lot of sniffed up idiots who run their mouths and get fame for a very low standard of work. All it takes is one conversation with this guy to realise he's genuinely excited about learning his trade and striving to get better......

Check out his blog and show him some love. Just don't let him feed you Sailor Jerry's.......!!!!


Hackney Stands Up

Here are some flicks from my crew's recent trip to Hackney Wick.
We're just in the process of sorting out our website good and proper. You can peep more of my pics and urban spray times over at

It also has the banging image of the finished wall.

Big ups to my RT family.

Special shouts out to Alfa and Gors, the team's new additions. HOLLAAAAA!!!!!!!

In The Small Hours.....

John Martyn September 11th 1948 - January 29th 2009

When i was around 17, i lay on the floor of the ex-wife's bedroom stoned off my rocker.
I sat in the dark while she lay asleep on the bed behind me. The screen flickered away while i stared out the window. Suddenly this noise came out of the TV that i will never forget.

John Martyn's performance of his track 'I'd Rather Be The Devil' on The Grey Whistle Test started and blew my mind. It was like the first time you hear that Hendrix sound, or a Miles Davis intro. Certain people manage to carve their own style out of whatever creative thing they do. Martyn was a master of this. He created a style, and has truly left this planet with something great.

I urge ALL of you to go and buy his album 'Solid Air'. It is probably on most people's top 20 if not 10 greatest albums ever lists......

Many things have been said of Martyn as a person, and the majority is not too great. As with most geniuses, alcohol and drugs often got the better of him. However with such creativity over the years, he will hopefully be remembered for the power of his music.

Seriosuly people, his album's cost around £5 from most good record shops (yes, record shops, NOT HMV....) so go and pick one up.

Here is a tune i've dug out called 'Small Hours'. (Many thanks to for doing the hard work) I think it highlights the beauty of his vocal and guitar styles. He recorded it alone, in the dark, in the middle of the night by a lake. You can clearly hear the geese on the water and the fast train to London passing by throughout the loops of the song. I think this may be one of the best pieces of 'ambient' music ever written.

Ya heard.....!

Cherry Blossoms

Rites of Spring
(Cinematic Orchestra, Live at the Royal Albert Hall edit)

So, we slowly roll out of the winter darkness and into the summer sun....

For those of you who live round my area, i was wondering something.... I've never noticed so many of the tree's pictured below blossoming at once before. Almost every leafy LDN suburb i walk round is littered with these.

I'm kind of ashamed i don't know their name, so any info would be appreciated yo!

Anyway, they remind me of the Kyoto Palace Garden's Cherry Blossoms.

The Shape Of Jazz To Come

Atoms and Molecules

Welcome to SnapClicking.

Many of my friends and fellow freelance wastemen work horrible 9 to 5 deadend jobs for little to no pay and no prospects. Many, like myself, have a number of choice websites to waste away the hours. My boy Derek has been on my back to start a blog of my stuff, so hopefully you can all add this to the list of fraff you check on from time to time.

Lets get a few things straight......

1. This isn't a portfolio
2. I am not a 'real' photographer.
3. I am a music nazi and will attempt to open your tiny brains to new horizons
4. I am not an illustrator, i just bite, draw and re-develop things i see around me.
5. Take note of the things i tell you, you might learn something.....!

For our entree, here's an ode to the master and the jailer.