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Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Planets

I remebered this tune during some crazy dream last night.

It's one of the tunes that takes me back to golden age of Uk Hip Hop, before any Channel U rubbish and british rap started being geared towards shiny videos and rap ho's.....

I think the instrum might be one of the most bangin' to come off this island

Check it

Friday, 24 April 2009


It's the return to hip hop, we're takin' it back.


Our dearest darling Lvee took a giant wonderstack on tour a few years ago.

I stumbled on this tune and it took me straight back to the crip foot......!

Cold chillin in Berlin after a night of the three legged crutch skank.



Tokyo, Choer @ Stockwell.

Big ups for the photo by Amonamission, one of graffiti's nicest personalities.

I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve...........

Iced buns. YA HEARD?!?!?!?!


Smoke & Mirrors

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Top 5 Things To Do EVER!!!!

Number 1.....

Listening to music with hot girls!!!!! haha

Top 5 Things To Do EVER!!!!

Number 2....

Record shopping......!!!

Top 5 Things To Do EVER!!!!

Number 3.....

Hitting the park with my best mate x

Top 5 Things To Do EVER!!!!

Number 4.....

Chilling with my crews.

Large up.

Top 5 Things To Do EVER!!!!

Ok then.....

Rolling in steadily at number 5 on my top 5 list of things to do EVER...........

Feeding hot girls donuts...... BANG!

The Great British Recession......

Seems to be getting worse....... Richmond council seem to be slimming the car parking spots too!

Large and In Charge!

Make her mine, and put a little something in my wine.

Alfa's solo show

I kicked it down to Brighton last week for an evening of free gin, friendly banter and dope paintings from Alfa. Anyone in the area should check out Xuma bar on Seven Dials, i believe the work will be up for the next 5 weeks or so.

Big up Soroe, Rels, Soleo and the rest of the B.Town bandits.....!

The Magus Illuminated

Check him out, he's a stone cold killer

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Is Special!

Old Sketch

Always wanted to paint this, maybe one day Derkle will make me

Feel Like Making...

Night Drawings

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter Weekend

I'm getting outta London!! Whoooooop!

Happy Easter Everybody (such a NON holiday!)

A quick shout out to all the Revival Junglists last night, Remarc, Brockie, Ragga Twins.... Killed it! I'm LOVING the garage and jungle revival flex at the minute.

Someone recently sent me this little number from Man Like Me. London Town has one of the most catchy chorus' i have heard in a long time. Not sure about the verses but overall the tune is a good vibe stomper.

I hope they blow up off this release. It's pure jokes.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

This week, i have been mostly.....

Helping me old man to build his fruit cage.....!

Under my Umberellaaaaaa

Goodbye Sunshine.....

Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Dondi Stretch

Devour, At a Crazy Rate.......


My good friend Heinrich used to get really stoned and talk about how he liked to climb trees. One day i challenged him, said he was all mouth. I grabbed my camera and this is what he rocked......


Mad Under Dogs


Scribbled Paper

Little Dragon

Home Parking

Mr Malcontent


Right then!

I was speaking to my friend over at CRINGE today, and she asked for a link. In keeping with their mental blog, dedicated to all things cringe-worthy, i figured i'd go that extra mile......

Never let your friends pull your trousers down on your birthday.

Dizzy heights


Belle Re-viewed

Have a good flight Miss Austen........



Regal Birds

Super aggressive arm breakers and some cuddly little underwater tea lights.....

Fleet Foxing

I took this shot yesterday in the gleaming fake summer. Awoken nice and early by the Scot this morning, i was disgusted the fake summer was already over as my flat is surrounded by some of the most non-descript grey matter i've ever seen. It's not even justifiable to describe it as crap....


I was listening to this when i took the photo.

This is a great band my dad put me on to a while back. Fleet Foxes are a mix of dope folk and harmonic wizardry. The video's quite bonkers too so check them out. I think they're heavy.


Those of you who know me, will no doubt understand my deep love for the producer dBridge.
I've followed him since his early days as part of the drum and bass supergroup Bad Company in the late 90's/00's, all the way through to his present releases.

He is now regarded as one of the best drum producers, and his latest track killing it is something a little different. Wonder Where is almost a tribute to the laid back vibes of Burial, with dBridge's typical hard hitting drums and organic groove. Brother of the mighty vocalist Steve Spacek (known for his amazing work with Commix and the late J Dilla), dBridge has recently been stepping up with some vocal heat.

Darren currently runs his own record label, Exit records, which puts out quality releases again and again.

Any fans of good music should check him and his label out. They are going to start a decent night in London in the very near future geared around playing electro, techno and minimal influenced drum and bass which should hopefully cater for a hole in scene that alot of us want filled.

For those who would like to check out beats that are a little different here are 3 great podcast sets that are easily downloaded. Instra:mental and dBridge have evidently got alot of knowledge in the game and aren't afraid to show it as they tear up the brackets of 'genre' based electronic music.

Wonder Where is apparently getting a release date soon on Instra:mental's label.

Anyone in Kingston on Tuesday 7th April should head down to the Repeater night where dBridge will be supporting.... his set's an early one, apparently on an 11pm tip, so heads up on that.


Horsing Around

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


She's the greatest.


Cobalt Fortress

Caroline Buckingham is one of the most technically gifted artists i have had the pleasure of meeting and being trained by. Her artwork is organic and heartfelt and i seriously urge you to visit Cobalt Fortress and show some love.

Despair is the first in a series of works to be published, beginning with a run of hand made originals. For more information please contact

I'd highly recommend snapping up a copy now as they are very limited and will become collectors items.



I've been snooping through this guys stuff of late.
I really like some of his painted works, and there's a cool picture of a tiger from his recent trip away.

Check his blog out.

Getting Hitched

These are my two friends Matt and Leonie.

I recently spoke to Matt who informed me that Leonie had dropped to one knee, produced a ring and asked him to marry her the night before. He asked me to be his best man.

As you can imagine, when one of your best friends gets engaged and asks you to be best man, i was over the moon. I started thinking about all the stories i could tell. I met Matt many years ago in an alleyway in K.Town. We were both buying some magic new spraypaint called montana that was made especially for writers.... madness compared to the plasticote everyone used. He'd come along as his brothers 'muscle' in case the deal went tits up...... Anyone who knows Matt will appreciate how funny that actually is. I first met Leonie quite a few years later. She's a great girl, opinionated and head strong who can get the tallest guy in the world to consider getting braces and sorting his teeth out..... (poor, poor Rob....).

I've spent many nights with the two of them. I used to go round to Leonie's and fall asleep on the bed when i couldn't sleep at home. They'd do their work around me, watch films and counsel me through my problems with whatever girl was screwing with my head at that point. It was a really nice period of time and i'll not forget it.

Evidently, upon the news that they were becoming legally binded, after i stopped laughing, i was really happy. They are a great couple (this time round.....ooooooo! bef) and seem to make each other very happy. I'd certainly describe love as putting talc on your lady's bum and watching her fart it off....... Yes, two people who find that funny have actually managed to find each other.

Anyhoo, as i logged into facebook to send Leonie a congrats message, i noticed a few things pop up on my feed...... and then the date......

I'm the f**king April fool..........