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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

* Attention All Listeners *

If anyone has this tune, or knows where i may be able to get it, i'd really appreciate it.

Email me on


Mr Parker on Production......

Lewis Parker is without doubt one of the most talented producers to have emerged from the Uk Hip Hop scene. Many feel it was his 'golden' sound that paved the way for producers and mc's.

Although at the time of it's release, Masquarades and Silhouettes was relatively under the radar, it has grown to be a British classic. Ask many UK rap fans to name a top 10 hitlist, and most will rank LP's Lp up there with Braintax's Birofunk and Jehst's High Plains.

A Canterbury native, Parker's beats and lyrics take you right out of the city limits of London and New York which have become his home. Having spent 3 years down in 'The Garden of England' it's easy to understand the magic of the album and its beautiful surroundings.

Since then, he's gone on to produce the majestic 'It's All Happening Now' featuring some of Jehst and Klashnekoff's finest verses, as well as many remixes and odd jobs across the pond, including being the first UK producer to have a beat on a Ghostface cut.

Turn your history books to P for Parker, and press play................

Shame about his new accent.......

Miss Pink

Took this dodgy pic a few years ago and the other day she sent me a link to this...........!

Write For Gold!!!!!

Myself and the RT Hoodlums took a road trip up to Scouse Central to defend the West European Title at Write For Gold. The weekend was a total blast, with VA Crew, Foes from Ireland and the yootdem from these sides all repping to the fullest.

Despite what Has is screaming from the rooftops, i still think Foes Crew should have won.


WE DID!!!!!!!!

Check out more from the team here


Schnapped in Liverpool at the weekend

Vibes and Tokyo

Hey Pedro, You Wanna Buy A Donkey?!?!?!

Friday, 15 May 2009


Pembrokeshire, Wales.


......Really isn't easy to keep quitted.....!

Operator MMMMMMMMMadnessssss

And speaking of K.Twizzle's other finest musical soldier......

Go here

Play the Ghetto Blaster remix until your brain seeps out your ears and onto the dancefloor. Once you've managed that, Black Spot will help you put yourself back together again.

Ghetto Blasted

When not spending his hard earned cash on getting me drunk, he likes making tunes with another of K.Tweezey's finest.....

Watch out for the Hollyoaks Peter Andre B2B Little Green Men Roswell High Re-Edit.........!!!

Check out their power riddims here......

Thursday, 14 May 2009


Canvas Detail

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Soho, 2006

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Only kids with Yakuza tattoos can get away with wearing socks and sandles........!

Photos of my Mum

Taken by my Dad.......

F and B


Monday, 11 May 2009

A likkl Deepa, a likkl darker


Wah Wah

A little while ago i took some schnaps for Moxie at Wah Magazine.

Their site is really well layed out and has a load of cool content on it. Here's one of the unused shots from the Miss Led interview piece which Alice wrote.

Check out the main site here and also peep the blog section done by Moxie and Elve. Watch out for a post on her coming soon....

Dome Spuds!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mad Sneakers

I found these when raiding an old hard drive the other day.
I did these when i lived in Canterbury. I'd sit around the house all day smoking puff and doing very little, this was my attempt at doing something productive!!!!
Still, it's nice to see them after all this time.

For Main Cors, King Charles and the Sneaker Freakers.



Up Close and Personal

At My Heels

Valentines Shoes

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Riddims from way back when......

Sushi Pants.....

Deepa's trying to get me to eat phish................


The best little mutt in the world. Taken in Canterbronx a few years back.



I Cannot F**king Wait

If like me, you grew up as a kid glued to the book, you'll be eagerly awaiting the drop of this movie...... One of my earliest memories is fully believing i was the kid in this tale. If you've never read the book, go and grab it. You can get it for around a fiver from any bookshop and it'll take about 3 minutes to read.


Oh, and who's the man for the director job.......?!

They've only gone and got Spike Jonze....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I recently came across these two Wu Tang re-release gems. They've adopted the design style of the late, great Reid Miles. Miles was the in house designer at the Blue Note record label and designed some of the most iconic covers jazz has ever seen.

Throughout his 11 year residency, he produced over 500 cover images. His famous partnership with the label c0-founder and photographer Francis Wolff, as well as his own under-rated lens skills, helped create the beautiful lp's above, and set a path for the true art of sleeve design.

My mate Vic kindly gave me this for my birthday, and i've been reading it cover to cover ever since. Anyone interested in design, jazz or music history should go check it out.

It's available in most good bookshops.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Eden Cafe

Now that i have a trendy cool picture of a 'Cafe' i think i have truly achieved blog status.
All you cafe photo taking, fry up snapping, over saturated picture posting f**ks, this one's for you..........
Can i come and sit in Hoxton Square laughing at bumpkins with you now?!?!?!?


Hip Hop Is The Sound Of Love

One for the Old School

Ninja. O.D.R Crew........

Curious Fiend

I was honoured recently by a good friend of mine, when he asked me to feature as part of his new project. The work he is collecting is of a very high standard and it's great to be a part of it.

Please go and check out the site he's got up, and show some love for the effort he's putting in here

He is also a really talented artist in his own right, so peep his stuff here.

Happy Hunting.

SnapClick Spag Bol

Right then Kids!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the first installment of SnapClick Serving Suggestions.

This month, we cover Spag Bol, done with a hint of class and very little pennies.

As part of my Support British Culture push in our times of this finkle recession, i'm urging you cats to get down to your local butchers and stop using overpriced meat from the big chain highstreet supermarkets. I know i know, we all like a good flirt with the check-out girls, and yes, the big bald butcher may not have the same appeal, but just try it once!

You'll need to kick it down there and ask for 'Beef Skirt'. It's a rarely used and pretty cheap cut of meat. They may not have any fresh, but they will always have frozen stock which is just as good.

For the recipe, you will need the following:

1 Kilo Beef Skirt (that's to feed around 4).......... (or 1 SnapClicker)
1 tube tomato puree
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 heinz tomato ketchup
1 pack of fresh basil
1 load of grated parmesan (or mozzerella if you want something lighter)
Black pepper

1 CD Player
1 Burial 'Untrue' album, 1 Cinematic Orchestra 'Everyday' album or 1 Kruder and Dorfmeister 'K & D Sessions' album (as used while cooking this)
1 bottle (or box!) of red wine
1 partner, love interest, main squeeze, ex wife or lonely stoner

SnapClick Spag Bol

Take the Beef and slice the fatty bits off. These are the see-through slivers and white bits. There probably won't be much depending on your butcher's standards but considering you're chopping the meat into small pieces, the last thing you want is to find yourself chewing on some dirty grissle!!!

SnapClick Spag Bol

Take the meat, and slice in up really thin. Basically, you're aiming to get around the same size as mince.... obviously hand carving this amount of beef into mince size ins't realistic, but as long as you have a cd player, some good tunes and abit of time on your hands you should be able to get some decent size pieces down. The bowl to the back right of the photograph is the size i aimed for. A really sharp knife helps.......

SnapClick Spag Bol

Get the chopped up meat, and chuck it into a hot pan with some olive oil.

Depending on what you have in the house, either cook it up with some freshly chopped garlic, or alternatively garlic salt is fine. The salt adds seasoning you'd put in anyway.

Cook the meat until it is all browned off and ready for saucing!

SnapClick Spag Bol

Once fully browned off, add almost an entire tube of tomato puree, 1 can of chopped tomatoes and a dab of ketchup.....! yeah, i said it. ketchup. Many chefs use heinz in their recipies these days, especially pasta sauces, because it has sugar in it. Most Italian ragu's have brown sugar in.....

Once the sauces are mixed, add a got palm full off oregano and season with pepper to taste......

Take the heat down and leave to simmer......

SnapClick Spag Bol

Cook for as long as you have really, the longer the better. The sauce will thicken up and providing you have it bubbling away on a nice low heat, the meat will take on more flavour with time. Add water if you want a likkl more sauce......

SnapClick Spag Bol


Serve up with a wholesome load of spaghetti, some fresh basil (a must) and a strong load of parmesan.

Waitrose do boxes of Tempranillo for around £14 that will last quite a while, that slips down a treat with this too.......

Hook this up and thank me later....!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Make Me Wanna