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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Happy Birthday Pizzle.

An ode to my best friend.

This year is ours x


Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

I'm running out the door to the middle of nowhere, so good tidings to all my peoples, bah humbugz to all the haters and a wet wintery smacker to all my lovers.

And while praying for snow, here's some.........

How long has it been

Monday, 21 December 2009

Euro Tour Tactics

Myself and the team will be embarking on a mammoth European tour during 2010.

If you rep any of these cities, then hit us up at through

We're looking to come party, bring some danger sprays and have some serious disco funtime.


Sunday, 20 December 2009


Bang goes the boogie

Tony Spark

Tied to the ceiling so the sofa can't steal it and smoke the hash it has too..........

Das Beats

Squishy Squashy

4am arctic studio sessions. Chilled white wine, twerky bassliness and bloody Peven Everett...........


Mans Get Put In The Bin


Miami Sunrise

Wild Things

Best film of the decade? Quite possibly

Friday, 18 December 2009

Poo Years Eve

Start the year with as much jungle as you can handle....


Some nice flicks from my top brother Amonamission here

Go check em out!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

It's The Waaaaaaay

Big up Ders, Come Down '99 Selectahahahahahaha

Skills all day

Yes Jay!


Monday, 14 December 2009


Someone put this boy out, he's on fire.....

And he evidently likes to go big!

Check his site here

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Oh Gosh!

Yep, without doubt one of the coolest and useful things i have ever seen.

If anyone knows where to pick one up, just grab it and bring it to me.

I'll shower you with merriment.

Rogue and Gambit

I've been researching for some work i've got in the pipeline, and luckily it revolves around old and new school comics....! Having jumped back into one of my all time favourite cultures, i've totally fallen head over heels again.

Comics are a good 3rd of my heart, probably why my real life tends to fall short....! I've got into the Rogue and Gambit love affair of late, and Gambit still resides as my favourite Marvel character if all time. He's a suave card flicking, chick chirpsing badman!

If the rumours are true, the X-Men Origins: Gambit movie should be a giggle. Let's hope the guy they've cast isn't too much of a nancy boy!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mayor Mayer

Picked up this gem of an album this morning, something a little soul positioned from the Stones Throw camp. Hawthorne laces tunes with some mad white-boy soul crooning, and somehow it WORKS!

The guy's got some serious vibes, and i urge you to check it out.

Try this vid, so funny!

Molotow Product Review

A month back, i was stuck in a shady North London basement with Mr Townos, 2 camera men, a little track, our very own (very pleasant) runner and a dope director. As well as filling our heads with danger vapours, T dropped some gems and reviewed some of Molotow's finest thangs.

Pretty pleased with how the shoot went, and even happier with the video's, including some of my stills of the action and some product placement shots.

Check out the RT site here for a nice selection of flicks courtesy of The Voodoo Disciples.

Also click here to see the video's currently released....... More to follow.

Stay Locked.

Put a Smile back on your face

Ok, so Netsky........

He's been signed exclusivley to Hospital records, who will know doubt help mould him into a star of the future. I've been checking his tunes out for the past 6 months and originally i wasn't really a fan. Most of his tunes roll to a fairly similar template, with influence from The Brookes Brother's to a few of the Liquid scene's other big hitters.

Since then, especially with the release of Everday on Hype's Ganja Records sister label, Liqweed Ganja, I literally cannot stop tumping his tunes.

Here is my latest find, a great mini mix. 22 minutes of rolling thunder, making floors bounce and me do my xmas shopping in 35 minutes flat. Pow.....

Drop a Right Click on this little puppy and pick it up.

Here's the Tracklist........


1. Netsky - Make a choice
2. Miike Snow - Black & Blue (Netsky remix)
3. Netsky - I refuse... Lees meer
4. Netsky - Prisma
5. Netsky - Everyday
6. Netsky - Starlight
7. Netsky & Crystal Clear - King of the stars
8. Netsky - Tomorrows another day (vip mix)
9. Netsky - Smile 10. Netsky - Come back home
11. Netsky - Memory lane

Nar Tar Shar

Out to Jay and Liv, i know she's not 'gone', but my thoughts and condolences are with you.

Uh Oh........

Log's been dropping a string of dope remixes of late including a few garage classic white labels.....

Buy on sight!

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Narla 1

Topshop Leering Partner.

Insomniac Olympics

Can't sleep a single wink at the minute.

Got up at dawn and went to Richmond Park for a sunrise snapclick session.

Haven't seen dawn in about a year, and the fog across the park was mad.

The standard photos of trees and lens flares that any cretin can take on a point and shoot.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Science Lesson

Blue Cross

Get Clean!

I even washed the floor of 'the studio'

'Rolled' With The Punches

Huge shouts to Alfa for his work and effort. The show on thursday was great, and it was good to see him getting some of the recognition he deserves. A great family vibe and some free tipples with friends. The man's dealing a knock-out blow.....