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Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Ripple Effect

Since Burial first dropped the musical bombshell that was his first album, the Uk scene has seemed to be littered with poor imitations of his trademark sound.

While i don't want to sit here and knock individual producers for being seemingly unable to create individual music, there has to be some kind of line drawn in the sand. Almost every week i stumble across a grainy youtube video of somekind of lounge-dubstep track, essentially biting the beat patterns, rain samples and even the basic arrangements of some of Burial's pieces.

I don't want to sit here and rant about how producers should recognise seminal work and leave it well alone so instead i'm going to drop a few tunes on you which highlight the flip side of this. When an artist releases a record of such new and high standards it can often have an effect on numerous scenes other than within it's own. Burial's Lp's seemed to awake an ease within 'bass music' in the Uk, reminding people you don't have to have the crispest mixdowns or the freshest software to create beautiful music.

Here are some examples which in my humble opinion have taken influence from Burial in order to create something dope. The best thing about sample based or electronic based producers is when you see them 'influenced' by others, rather than raping killer samples and doing nothing new to them.

Get yourself a cup of tea, spark up your weapon of choice and enjoy the beats....

Out to P, B and anyone else digging for these gems.


Ital Tek - Moment In Blue (Faltydl Remix)

Synkro - Everybody Knows

Cyantific - Empty Streets

Delphic - Halcyon (Deadboy Remix)

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