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Monday, 24 January 2011


Oh yessss....

The man is back. After a long period away from the radio game, the man with such morbid pan, off kilter down right strange humour is back.

Here's the tracklist and here's the link to listen.

The first track was played to me by Cyantific and also features on his mix a couple of posts below. Sub Zero dropping a leftfield number on us, for True Playaz of all labels??!?!


Sub Zero - Brighter Days - Tru Playaz
James Blake - Limit To Your Love - Lynx Booty
Calibre - Who's Singing - CDR
Distorted Minds - Visions - Dub
Zero T Ft Script - Guessing Games
Trex - Bad Reaction - Dub
J Majik - Old Headz - Metalheadz
Phil Tangent - Restitution - Soul:r
Commix - Audience - Dub
Seba - Vanity - Dub
Marcus Intalex - Hot Hands - Soul:r
Subwave - Us - Metaheadz
Bulb Ft Mc Fava - Still There - Dub
Octane Dlr & Survival - Spectrum - Dub
Generic And Sks - Bayard - Dub
Marcus Intalex Ft Spy - Celestial Navigation
Subwave - Raindance - Metalheadz
Dub Phizix, Chimpo & Fox - Narrow Eyes
DJ Vapour - Dub Bass - Dub
Marcus Intalex ft Spy & Ras Tweed - Make A Raise - Soul:r
St:Cal - Reno Vate - Dub
Trex - Daily Operation - Dub
Dub Phizix - Danger - Dub
Artifacts Vol 1 - Artifacts - Old As Fxxxx
S.P.Y- Dubbarubbadubbadub - Dub
Seba And Physics - Before I Can Breathe - Dub
Need For Mirrors - Reset

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