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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Crash, Bang, Wallop!


Been abit slack getting this up, but here we go..........

Last Friday i got the super early release 4xVinyl pack of the new LP from LOGISTICS!!!!

This album is unreal. The styles, the production and the overall vibe is stunning. 'Eastern Promise' has been played out quite alot, doing exactly what his tunes do, tearing up dance floors. 'Murderation' finally gets a release too, having been rinsed out day by day since appearing on the scene around the release of the Commix Fabriclive CD, as a standout track on that.

However, the two highlights for me are the sublime 'Platinum' and 'Repitition'.

We kicked it down to Matter on friday (cheers Jon) and caught his set, easily the best of the night (sorry Jon....!) and when 'Platinum' dropped, the 2,500 people in there went mental. The drop is so unexpected that it takes abit of getting used to, so first time listeners looked abit perplexed, but trust me, it BANGS! As for 'Repitition'...... wow, i've been searching for this tune high and low for months. I heard it on a Commix live set mixed with 'Black Diamonds' of Sick Music fame, and the tracklist posted online was artist unknown. It wasn't until today that i actually realised i'd owned it for 6 days!!!!! (Doh)

Anyway, big congratulations go out to the Wookie, a great album, that i think will get huge props across the board. Looking forward to the CD release so i can get the extra tracks not on the wax version.

For all of you who care (that should be all of you) the album drops digitally on the 14th of September, you can also get the vinyl 4 pack shown above shipped out on that day. Alternatively head over here and pre-order the CD, which you get loads of free crap with, shipped out on the 23rd.

See you at the album launch. Digest these until then..........

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