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Thursday, 10 September 2009


Ok, so this MAY look like a post about porn, but it's really not.

I found this great site here

'TittyShaker' is a term used by many when referring to a certain type of tune........ an old school gem, often found on a hazy sunday afternoon while digging for records in some Angel backstreet or second hand waste store. These 45's, often based around the soul, funk and rockabilly genres have been tearing up the dance since the early 40's.

'Titty Shakin' itself has been a craze for over 50 years, since the implimenting of cage dancing in soul/funk clubs during 1964. Mini skirts and 'Go Go Heels' took off on such a mainstream level that artists from the Beatles to Otis Reading performed aside 'Go Go Shakers' on live TV shows.
Those like me, who grew up with the Naaaaaani Shakers onstage at Drum raves around 2000-02 would have had NO stamina crew without the pioneers of 'Shakin' culture.

Obviously, around the 60's, the 'shake' scene began to get more sexed up and lost some of its original charm. I don't want to front like this is the most p.c thing to write about, but it did begin as something not based around leering at women in a cage.....!

Anyway, that said, please go to the site, hit the jukebox section and listen to some of the examples of the sounds that started one of the most delightfully insane crazes to hit the globe!


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