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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Put a Smile back on your face

Ok, so Netsky........

He's been signed exclusivley to Hospital records, who will know doubt help mould him into a star of the future. I've been checking his tunes out for the past 6 months and originally i wasn't really a fan. Most of his tunes roll to a fairly similar template, with influence from The Brookes Brother's to a few of the Liquid scene's other big hitters.

Since then, especially with the release of Everday on Hype's Ganja Records sister label, Liqweed Ganja, I literally cannot stop tumping his tunes.

Here is my latest find, a great mini mix. 22 minutes of rolling thunder, making floors bounce and me do my xmas shopping in 35 minutes flat. Pow.....

Drop a Right Click on this little puppy and pick it up.

Here's the Tracklist........


1. Netsky - Make a choice
2. Miike Snow - Black & Blue (Netsky remix)
3. Netsky - I refuse... Lees meer
4. Netsky - Prisma
5. Netsky - Everyday
6. Netsky - Starlight
7. Netsky & Crystal Clear - King of the stars
8. Netsky - Tomorrows another day (vip mix)
9. Netsky - Smile 10. Netsky - Come back home
11. Netsky - Memory lane

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