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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Facebook is S*!t

Without ANY kind of email warning or notification at all, this morning i woke up to find my facebook account had been 'deactivated' due to my name not being real...

I've had the account for over a year and when it's raining outside, my real life friends are busy and i'm not allowed to watch my Fringe boxset because my girl isn't here, what the hel else am i meant to do?!?!?!! I mean really?!?! Locking me off because of a nickname which has NO swearing or any kind of abusive nature?!±?!?!

FUCK YOU facebook, fuck you.

I'm sure they'll have some kind of internet trawler who stumbles upon this after reading the email i also sent them, and they'll find some new ways of screwing me over, but i've not felt this powerless in a long time. I had hundreds of messages on there, loads of photos, contacts etc... and how else am i meant to stalk my friends and feel like i'm still a part of their lives?!?!?


1 comment:

  1. well thats a bit rubbish. i hope they dont deactivate mine aswell.