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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


First up is this.......

Most that know me, appreciate the difficulties i have with Binstep. I leave the house to have fun, not have my brain thrown around my skull by useless sub bass drivvel. When the odd garage, vocal laced, groove twinged roller comes along though, i lose the plot! Chefal rolled this out alot when i used to see his sets and i think it's really nice. As with most of the S.Click selections, it's pretty much just glorified F**k music.

Another venture into Binstep territory lands us in Sully Shanks-Ville!
I've been a fan of this boy's tunes for a long time now, Give it Up being one of the highlights of the past year of my life. This tune is a lowkey number. He uses dope samples, knows how to construct decent melodies and his tunes just roll the f**k out! If you've never heard of him, i'd urge you to check Give It Up first, as it's just an epic tune.

Starkey comes SO correct on this. I remember hearing this out about a year ago perhaps and it stayed in my head for about a week. It's got a slightly old Warp Records vibe to it, and that great 'Thomas the Tank Engine' noise in it...... I swear that's sad Henry's skit......!!! Big up to Sub Focus for showing me this.

Fat Freddy's are easily one of my favourite bands, and Mala and the DMZ camp are some of London's most forward thinking musicians. This was a dream hook up, i hoped..... As long as they left the dub/reggae vibe there, it HAD to work, and it certainly does. Take note, this is how to achieve a good remix. Either bring something truly original and flip the script beyond recognition, or emphasize the original tune's high points.

And lastly, a tune which has for a long time been a Dubstep anthem. Mala again behind the boards, bringing nothing put stomping vibes and a marching beat.

Obviosuly it is only my simpleton's opinion that Dubstep is in fact Binstep and Toilet Breaks. I remember hearing someone say they 'felt like you needed a degree to listen to dubstep' because all the producers and fans treat the music like gospel. Saying that, i'm the same with Jungle music, not 'Radio 1 playlist d'n'b'.

Anyhoo, enough useless rambling. Listen to these tunes and hopefully discover the lighter, brighter and ultimately sexier side to Dubstep that pioneers like El-B brought into fruition.

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