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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


My dog is really sick and i can't leave the house. I've been in since 6 last night, and won't be able to leave until midday tomorrow. It's starting to drive me insane. The walls of my room are moving towards me, if i see pesto pasta one more time i'll kill someone and i've almost run out of paper and pens.........

I want to be out in the sunset taking photo's and climbing into places like this^

On the flip side, i have spent the majority of the day booking freelance work, reading up on more cake recipies, learning about the costs of having kids so myself and Chuck can further our enquiries...... and also discovered some amazing music. Most of which i'll post in a min.

If anyone's reading this and lives near my zone, COME ROUND!!!!!!! I'M GOING CRAZY..........

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