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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Ashes

Cricket is one of the most mentally deranged sports ever invented. Imagine sitting an American down and trying to explain it. 'Well, we have this game right? It takes 5 whole days to finish, a load of men who are public school boozers dress in pristine white clothes and pretend to be rather polite'. And then there's the crowd!!!! It's quite joke going somewhere that's acceptable to be pissed at 10.30am, and where the richest of the rich mingle with the rowdy working classes and in our quaint British way, give a good old round of applause each time someone does anything (from what i gathered!)

Anyway, England won something, and from what i could tell, it didn't involve getting a Scotsman to do it for you and suddenly calling him 'British'.......!

Oh, and if anyone goes to a match at some point, take P's advice, it was the best i had going into the experience. Aim for the hospitality tent girls (as pictured above). They're 90% as bored as you are, and sometimes, just as pissed.....

Headnods to 'We're only making plans for Nigel' for the ticket.


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