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Friday, 28 August 2009

Exit 016: Spectrasoul 'MELODIES'

FINALLY i got my hands on a copy of this, (as did Winnie......!)

Having been bumping the crap low quality mp3 for weeks and weeks, i can now hear the full weight of this record. And jesus, it really doesn't fail......

Anyone who's been near S.Click HQ will have been subject to the caning of this recently and i have to bring it to the attention of any who may have missed it. While i've got to accept the vocal warping and slow roll on it won't appeal to everyone, those who get it, really get it. Spectrasoul emerged a few years ago as a very interesting pair of producers and since having numerous tunes put out by some of the scenes most respected labels, they have gone from strength to strength. Alongside Instra:mental, dBridge and the Exit/NonPlus records camp, they have fast become synonymous with downtempo, bass ridden, forward thinking d&b. Using the vocals of rising US singer Mike Knight to the fullest degree, blended with some deep tech pinches and slamming drums, this is tearing up both Drum raves and Dubstep parties alike.

The flipside brings us Insignia, a great tune in it's own right. Most B sides would disapper behind this anthem, but it somehow holds it's own. I think the intro sounds alot like a late 90's jungle tune, with light vocal snippets and swirling chords, but their trademark lowkey tempo takes it somewhere delightfully unexpected on the drop. The key to this tune has to be the bass though, as it grinds you along like a Ray Keith stomper played at half speed.

Dope work, dope producers and what can i say, Exit Records has released another amazing tune. At only their 16th release, i cannot wait for some more Lp's. The future is looking good.

Check the tune out, and go buy everything exit has released from abunchofcuts

1 comment:

  1. Proper marmite riddim. I am on the i hate it side of the fence but i think insignia is pretty cool!