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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Remixes Pt1

Right then you lucky peoples!

Here's the first installment of my new Remixes posts section. Following swiftly on from my previous post on Fly Lo, i felt the need to drop this little gem on y'all. This one goes out to P, between us we've managed to bang this joint ALOT.

Beautiful vocals as usual and a killer drop!

And to round todays post off, i'm ending with a huge personal favourite. The original track is immense and you should check it. This re-working, falling somewhere between Dubstep and IDM experimental madness comes from Martyn. He's one of my favourite producers and i'll be doing a post on him tomorrow about his recent longplayer.

Til then, have a butchers. Out to those i've shared this with.

(and an added bonus i've just noticed, the video comes with some DOPE images from Retna MSK and Mac, their latest walls have been off the chart. Amazing)

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