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Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Today's post is based on Martyn and his 3024 records imprint.

Earlier this year he released the album Great Lengths. The Dutchman's first album was certainly no let down. It was a highly anticipated work within many genre's of dance music. Gaining airplay from loads of undeground radio stations across Europe and America, his varied production style seems to have appeal across the board. Dubstep raves to Techno nights bump his riddims hard, and the wide array of sounds on the album is refreshing.

He started 3024 records with Erosie, one of my favourite 'street' artists from the period when it wasn't littered with artfags. The bits they release look and sound very different, with a real personal feel to them. It's great to see labels like this popping up, pushing the boundaries of both the music and artwork. You can tell that both these guys are into their respective scene's and take great care in the end product.

It's difficult to name stand out tracks on the album as it rolls through on each listen. The gentle beauty of 'Little Things' bumbles along at 117bpm, using the dubby stabs and splintered drums to lull you into four minutes of headnod soundscapes. Although not my favourite track, lots of props are heading in the direction of 'These Words' featuring a mad vocal from dBridge. The sound is something new, which is great. Hearing it on a big system a couple of weeks ago changed my view on the track as the bass sounded really juicy, something you can't always get at home!

The instrumental synth workout on 'Brilliant Orange' is remiscent of the beatless tracks on dBridge's Gemini Principle which is no bad thing, taking the atmosphere of the album into some spacey grooves. My favourite tunes would have to be 'Hear Me' and 'Far Away' which i'd urge people to hunt down. I was thinking about posting them up here, but i'd prefer you to go and buy them.

My last salute has to go to Erosie though. His artwork for the album, flyers, other record sleeves on the label as well as his personal work is great. Some typical street illustration styles mixed with some freaky colouring work make it stand out i think. A really nice dude, you can check what he's been getting up to here

You can buy the album here so go do it now!!!!!

Until then, peep this. Bump it at work, and just catch your foot tapping without even realising.

or this..... (this one's you babez... last time, i promise!)

Oh, and one final shout goes out to Mr Cubeski at HotOneTen. This was orginally a full length review for his DOPE site (here) but bailifs, hard drives and my slack mentality meant it never came through. Mad apologies there bro.

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