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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bridge Bop

Review time!

I've had these two things i've been wanting to write about for a little while.

First up is the dBridge remix of 'Dreamworld' by Physics. I really think d's excelled himself on this one. As usual, the drums roll you gently forward into a tune lead by a stunner of a bassline. I've heard the usual cries of 'boring' but saw a forum reply of 'you're not listening to it loud enough......'. That says it all for me! As with much of his work, he manages to make a simple idea into something really entertaining. Somewhere between Odessa and True Romance VIP, in terms of chilled out rollers this has to be the cream of the crop of this year's releases.

Check it out below.

Second is Bop. Pictured is the 12" for 'Song About My Dog' but i'm actually going to talk about his album.

'Clear Your Mind' was one of the most eagerly awaited electronic albums of the past year. Lots of different genres had a keen eye on what this guy was going to pull off with a full length effort. It's hard to decide where to start with this. Sitting back and listening to this album, the one thing i'm left feeling is the space it creates. It's honestly like a spaceshuttle has just taken off in your room, fed you a load of cosmic sweeties and you're listening to comets bouncing off each other. The synths, glitched out beats and tiny techno pads make this one of the most intense l.p's i've ever heard! I can see why Tony Coleman signed it to Hospital Records but still can't get my head round why it's not on Warp, or a label more suited to it's style. Anyway, highlights for me are the bonkers 'Ataraxia' which is getting plenty of play from dBridge and the minimal heads, 'Lost In This World' has a really nice mood and swing to it (swing might not be the right word! lunar bounce?!?!) but as with the 12", my favourite is still 'Song About My Dog'. I'll post the first reggae tune in space...... 'Nothing Makes Any Sense'. I figure it's a prime example of a producer using a sample, flipping it, and coming out the other end with something truly different!

That's got to be the resonating thing when listening to the Bop album. As many dj's say, it's not exactly music made for playing out, but what it is, is different. Very rarely does a record come along where as soon as it starts rotating on the plate you know it's unlike anything you've heard before. Ok, so there are strong references to Warp, Aphex ambient works and many spaced out euro Tech producers, but it seems like such a personal record. The Russian Percussion no longer lays in Vadim's hands, this stellar dwellar's taken the title for me......

Future Music!

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  1. yes geezer. it was my mate who did the bop artwork. look him up - think you might like his styles