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Friday, 7 August 2009


Right then!

Review Time!

Ghost, what can i say..... I've been a fan of this guy's records since he first started putting them out. In the past he's mastered the art of releasing albums and E.p's that balance great instrumental production with some of the finest UK mc's. His new long player, Freedom of Thought takes this to new levels. In terms of vocal talent, he lays waste to the current wak homegrown output with cameo's from Jehst, Verb T and Dubbledge. While these are generally of a high standard it's the focus on the instrumental work that leaves me reeling.

Having grown up with DJ Shadow, Krush and the early records from Mo Wax et al i'm a keen collector of beat based music. On Freedom of Thought Ghost really flexes his production muscles, taking the music back to these early 'trip hop' roots before ministry of sound compliations made it a dirty word.

I can't recommend this album enough to fans of sample based, melody constructed, vibe laced music. I managed to find a link to an Mp3 of one tune, so i hope he won't mind me posting it up.

Check out the label, Breakin' Bread here for more info and BUY THE RECORD!

Another mention has to go to the product itself. Ghost again hooks up with Will Barras on the artwork, dropping some heavy images on the LP and the forthcoming Ep. Big up to those in the industry still putting effort into making a hardcopy of a product something worthwhile, leaving the buyer feeling like it's money well spent. Sadly, this seems few and far between these days.
I'm still yet to buy an Mp3 album, or any digital based music, so those of you who can still remember your favourite album covers, or the first record you bought, go show some love to those still keeping the art alive.

Big shouts to Skeg and Rob Life at Breakin Bread and Ghost for dropping another classic.

Be sure to check out his previous album, Seldom Seen But Often Heard, pictured above.

S.Click Headnod.

Ghost - Return Journey Mp3

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